This is the causal relationship.

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This is the causal relationship. Was this tray is equipped with double belt rotating device, because of the device, so the device can make the bags of bulk materials can be in the form of a mild, rapid and accurate stacked on pallets. BEUMER customer support can also simply upgrade the system with this solution if needed.

A new machine from the range of the BEUMER stretching mask will play a big role, which can effectively encapsulate palletized stacks. At the same time, people have redesigned the high-capacity packaging system comprehensively. During the development process, our experts analyzed and optimized various components. As you can see, its functionality has also been significantly enhanced, including the use of the soft touch panel to improve the machine control menu system. Optimized, ergonomic workplaces, and physical friendly transport on machines, thanks to innovative film transmission systems. Do you know what this result is? Higher system output can be guaranteed, and the availability of machines becomes stronger. This is all very significant progress and significance.

A warehouse management system was also developed by berman because of the emergence of the management system, so the key requirements of bulk materials were satisfied. We can cite an example, such as storage of sensitive materials, batch tracking, and warehouse management that saves space and cost effectiveness. You can see that WMS has an interface with all current ERP systems. At the same time, the integrated management is also carried out for the single-machine warehouse, material flow system and process control. This provides a good service for users, and a comprehensive overview of the production and warehouse operations is provided, and the likelihood of best adapting to the current requirements is met. At the exhibition, visitors will also be able to learn everything about BEUMER’s comprehensive customer support.