The sorting machine played an important role

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The sorting machine played an important role. Fpc1 sorting machine has played an important role. With the development of economy, the emergence of fpc1 sorting machine has solved many problems for people. For the inside of every problem, there is a right solution.

CeMAT, on May 19, will be held in Hannover, there will appear some new solutions, a fpc1 separator can appear, you can see, the sorting machine is equipped with new modules and functions, so, the sorting machine drive system with more effective. At the same time, its efficiency has increased significantly. At the same time, there is a series of extensions and a completely redesigned hood. In general, these are custom solutions provided by in-house experts, all of which are responding to changing consumption patterns and e-commerce. And we all know that e-commerce is a major driver of growth.

If you are a visitor to the trade show, you will be able to see the 40-meter fpc2 tray. This machine plays an important role and why it solves a lot of problems. For this machine, the various modules and functions have been equipped by berman, and how it ADAPTS to the user’s personal needs is also well demonstrated. In fact, the manual input station is a good example of a low-cost way that people can load items onto the sorter. At the same time, you can see that a camera system consists of another module. When the product is loaded, the thing it can do is read the product’s barcode. In general, if a system does not recognize a barcode, it is obvious that it does not provide the product. There is also a tool that corrects errors in the sorting process, so the accuracy is greatly enhanced by this correction. Do you see a modified framework for testing products?