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Load Inverter

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Turnover machine is a special equipment for industrial production, which is used for the turnover of large-scale sheet stacking materials. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for stamping automation production line. It can not only reduce the scratch on the surface of sheet metal, improve the product quality, but also reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve the production efficiency.

Function of upender:

If the above-mentioned goods and pipe packing machine use the original manual method to turn over, there may be unexpected danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece; endangering the personal safety of the operator; damaging the hoisting equipment. The main characteristics of this kind of equipment are mature product structure and no maintenance accident.

In addition, there is a mobile suspension type turnover machine for turning large workpieces

Its main function is in the welding process of large-scale workpiece, especially in the welding process of large-scale square body or special-shaped body, the winding package often needs to be turned over to complete all the required plane welding of large-scale workpiece or square body, which can not only improve the welding efficiency, but also ensure the welding quality.

Equipment features:

1. The equipment is operated by remote control, which has the characteristics of no sliding, no reverse rotation and so on.

2. It can rotate the workpiece to any angle as required. It is easy to operate and flexible to use.

3. The equipment is controlled by remote control, so that the operator can keep away from the characteristics of turning workpiece operation, and has the characteristics of light lifting, light falling and turning freely.

4. The equipment has the characteristics of light and flexible movement. Without moving large workpieces, the equipment can be moved to the site of suspending and turning workpieces.

5. The equipment adopts the fixed suspension chain to suspend the overturned workpiece.

6. For special workpiece, the auxiliary groove wheel and lifting belt can be replaced, so that the overturned workpiece has no lifting trace.

7. Using the device can improve the efficiency of turning and greatly reduce the cost for users.

8. The hanging type turnover machine needs to be used together with the traveling crane. In addition, it can also be turned by the crane in the field. As long as the equipment can be hoisted, it can turn freely, conveniently and quickly.