From filling to packaging.

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From filling to packaging. It’s a process.

What are the advantages of BEUMER group? In fact, the berman group is being chosen by more and more people today because of its many advantages. It can combine individual machines and systems with intelligent automation to improve efficiency, which is an important advantage of it.

Bottling, pallet packaging and packaging equipment from a single source can be supplied through the berman group. For example, what BEUMER filling system can do is flexibly integrate into the existing packaging production line. Meanwhile, do you see the bagging machine? It has a calibrated scale. This electronic weighing device also has an important role to ensure that the filler can achieve accurate filling. It is this special software that enables the weighing device to constantly communicate with the filling port. We can see that because of this weighing device, users can get the most benefit from their packaging line. Do you know why? There is no need to reject incorrect weight packages in the process.

The BEUMER fpc5 high-performance layer tray has been thoroughly improved by berman. The aim of the improvement is to be flexible, accurate, stably stacked paper, PE and PP bags on different sizes of pallets. From now on, this becomes more efficient. What are the reasons that users benefit? Accessibility improvements are why users benefit, and in the process you’ll find that installation times are shorter and more flexible. So the cost is going to be lower. At the same time, you can see that the tray can be fitted with a device that has a special flow behavior of the material in the bag, which is the rotary fixture or the double-band rotating device. These devices allow the material to stack slowly, quickly and accurately on a tray.

BEUMER’s customer support specialists have a lot of experience, and they can easily update existing palletizer with this solution. The robot has also been provided by the berman group, a space-saving fpc9 robot that provides a lot of help for people. It can efficiently and reliably complete complex tray and disassembly tasks.