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Generally speaking, the amount of material from space and storage is the recommended design result. At the same time, you can see, according to different application fields, the mixed bed of BEUMER design has many features, it can be used in extreme temperature environment, at the same time, this kind of mixed bed can also be used for very high entry transmission capacity, and the highest degree of homogeneity. In addition, the specific solution was provided by the berman group, which has robust, low-wear equipment. The device also has a low impact on the environment. Do you know why? Because during the operation, you can see that the noise and the dust are the smallest. At the same time, mixing beds can be set up both outdoors and indoors.

Compile and extract in layers.

The base of the mixed bed is the stacker and bridge scraper. Generally speaking, if the design is perfect, the best mixing effect can be obtained by the user. Bowman also provided the tracking device for efficiently and efficiently stacking a large number of materials. Finally, you can see that the increase is so reliable for inventory, so its cross-section can show as many of the contour materials as possible. What is the tracker? You know what? What does it do? The tracker can be a fixed or moving type, and of course, this changes depending on the requirements. Generally, in the case of round stock, the tracker will be mounted on the column, while in the longitudinal mixing bed mounted on the track. Under normal circumstances, people put the tracker designed to be fixed and can be used and the data of rotating fence, at the same time, the tracker of transmission capacity per hour is very high, it can be as high as 4000 tons. Do you know what conditions are required to choose the right system? Different factors can determine it, we can to give you an example, for example, the shape and size of the inventory, materials, throughput and the liquid can be decided to choose which a system.