coil packing machine

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Our Customer asked us a quotation for wrapping machines (PVC, PE, etc.) for coils of LRPC Strand and LRPC wire.
we would like to ask you an offer for the following types of wire wrapping machines:

Type 1 : strand
Øi = 800 mm
Øe up to 1.400 mm
W= 750 mm
Weight =< 5.000 kg
Axis = Horizontal

Type 2 : wire
Øi = Ø1.250 ÷ Ø2.000 mm
Øe = Ø1.800 ÷ Ø2.500 mm
W approx. 200 ÷ 300 mm
Weight =< 3.000 kg
Axis = Vertical

We remain at your disposal for any further information you will need.