Automatic Sorter system

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It’s on the belt. Of course, we all know that if something on the belt is too far left or right, then the system can work, and the system can push it back to the middle. So the safe and reliable classification process can be ensured at any time. These are very important values and meanings.

Another member of the berman group is BEUMER and Danish firm Crisp ant a/s. It is also the world’s leading supplier of sorting and distribution equipment. You can see, in the trade fair, BEUMER to display its comprehensive professional knowledge will, automatic Sorter system has also been included, we can also take two examples, for example, double density the swashplate Sorter and fpc2 high-speed loop classifier. In general, these are used in postal and distribution centers around the world. At the same time, the devices can also ensure that goods are classified quickly and gently. At the same time, cross-belts and fpc3 sorters provide great help for users, and the high level of benefits is what they bring to the user.

You can see that in the field of high performance sorters, the new OptiDrive has been developed by the berman group. This is an efficient driving system that plays a very important role, and a very economical alternative to traditional asynchronous linear motors is also provided. The so-called double-action proportional contact pressure is its important feature. In both directions, the pressure is applied — the two directions are acceleration and braking. In this case, the pressure of the driving wheel can be adjusted automatically according to the required power. At this point, 85% efficiency has been increased, so we can see that the service life of the drive wheel has been greatly extended. At the same time, there is no doubt that the system is running successfully.