coil packing machine solutions

coil packing machine solutions

There are many types coil packaging solutions from the market. Although it is not easy to find the proper solution by non experience people, you can find the good machine per following items.

coil packing machine

  1. Vertical coil packing machine

Packing th coil by eye throught with film and paper in hight speed that adjustable from ring speed and rotation speed with good overrapping for coil covering.

  • coil OD: 300-2000mm
  • Coil weight: 10-5000Kg
  • Packing material width:60-120mm
  • Coil width: 10-300mm
  • Above information is the types designing range. The solution could during above information.

2. Coil packing machine for steel coil with troller for have loading.

The above solution include a coil wrapping machine with trolley.

It is for heavy loading coil packaging.

  • Which is the external diameter, the inner diameter and the width of the big coil that it appears in the photos and in the video?  —-Check the photos.

Some information judging by the photos:

·     Big coil: external diameter of 900mm, inner diameter of 500mm and the width of 900mm. in accordance with the offer, the maximum external diameter is 950mm and the maximum width is of 800mm. Is there any problem due to having superior the external diameter? Have you taken into consideration?—Not problem, the bigger the better for good packing.

If the external diameter of the coil is bigger, in other words, if the external diameter of 950mm and having the inner diameter of 400mm, would there be any problem for passing the ring + dispenser of Stretch film through the coil’s eye?

——Not problem, you can cheeck the video, there are enough safety space.

3. Automatic coil packing line

The automatic coil packing line includes the wrapping machine, strapping machine, stacking machine… to do the packing procession fully automatically.

The coil packing line can be solution for cooper coil, steel coil, wire coil…

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