Load inverter of upender

Load Inverter

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Turnover machine is a special equipment for industrial production, which is used for the turnover of large-scale sheet stacking materials. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for stamping automation production line. It can not only reduce the scratch on the surface of sheet metal, improve the product quality, but also reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve the production efficiency.

Function of upender:

If the above-mentioned goods and pipe packing machine use the original manual method to turn over, there may be unexpected danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece; endangering the personal safety of the operator; damaging the hoisting equipment. The main characteristics of this kind of equipment are mature product structure and no maintenance accident.

In addition, there is a mobile suspension type turnover machine for turning large workpieces

Its main function is in the welding process of large-scale workpiece, especially in the welding process of large-scale square body or special-shaped body, the winding package often needs to be turned over to complete all the required plane welding of large-scale workpiece or square body, which can not only improve the welding efficiency, but also ensure the welding quality.

Equipment features:

1. The equipment is operated by remote control, which has the characteristics of no sliding, no reverse rotation and so on.

2. It can rotate the workpiece to any angle as required. It is easy to operate and flexible to use.

3. The equipment is controlled by remote control, so that the operator can keep away from the characteristics of turning workpiece operation, and has the characteristics of light lifting, light falling and turning freely.

4. The equipment has the characteristics of light and flexible movement. Without moving large workpieces, the equipment can be moved to the site of suspending and turning workpieces.

5. The equipment adopts the fixed suspension chain to suspend the overturned workpiece.

6. For special workpiece, the auxiliary groove wheel and lifting belt can be replaced, so that the overturned workpiece has no lifting trace.

7. Using the device can improve the efficiency of turning and greatly reduce the cost for users.

8. The hanging type turnover machine needs to be used together with the traveling crane. In addition, it can also be turned by the crane in the field. As long as the equipment can be hoisted, it can turn freely, conveniently and quickly.

Coil Upender Tilter

Coil Upender Tilter

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Fhope is one of the major manufacturers of upender. According to different driving modes, the tilting device can be divided into hydraulic Tipper and mechanical tipper. The power of the hydraulic tilter is an oil pump, its strength is stable, and it can carry out product turnover in the range of 90 degrees or 180 degrees. All users and machines use high quality materials and components. Before hydraulic tilting, we will check the manufacturing process of hydraulic tilting device and check the products that may cause potential safety problems. The hydraulic tilting machine is CE ISO certified and can enter the European market easily and quickly


The development trend of commodity packaging technology in China

1. Application of high and new technology

The traditional packaging machinery mostly adopts mechanical control, such as cam distribution shaft, and then there are photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other control forms. However, with the improvement of food processing technology and the increasing requirements of packaging parameters, the original control system has been difficult to meet the development needs of packaging machinery, so new technology should be used to change the appearance of packaging machinery. Today’s packaging machinery is a mechanical and electronic equipment which integrates machinery, electricity, gas, light and magnetism. In the design, we should focus on improving the automation level of packaging machinery, combining the research and development of packaging machinery with computers, and realizing the mechatronic control. The essence of Mechatronics is to combine the mechanical, electronic, information, testing and other related technologies organically from the system point of view and using the process control principle to realize the overall optimization. Generally speaking, it is to introduce microcomputer technology into packaging machinery, apply mechatronics technology, develop intelligent packaging technology, and combine it into a full-automatic packaging system according to the requirements of automatic packaging technology for production. The detection and control of production process, the diagnosis and removal of faults will realize full automation, and realize high-speed, high-quality, low consumption and safe production. Adopting new technology, establishing a new system of automatic, diversified and multi-functional packaging machinery; precise measurement, high-speed filling and automatic control of packaging process for food processing will greatly simplify the structure of packaging machinery and improve the quality of packaging products. The development trend of packaging machinery technology is mainly reflected in the high productivity, automation, single machine multi-functional, multi-functional unit production line, the adoption of new technology.

2. Modularization, serialization and standardization

Adopting the modular design idea, if the metering device, bag former, material conveying, packaging material conveying, heat sealing device and coding device are designed into a variety of standard modules, through the reasonable combination of standard modules, then they can meet the requirements of different material characteristics, different material types and different packaging capacity. Gradually standardize some parts and modules, highlight the multi-functional characteristics of packaging machinery products, and promote the production of packaging machinery products to achieve modularization, serialization and standardization within a certain range. In addition, the introduction of international standards to improve enterprise standards and standardize their production behavior is also an important way to promote the standardization level of packaging machinery products. In recent years, countries all over the world have strengthened the formulation and standardization of food packaging machinery related standards, and made the formulation and research of standardization as an important strategic direction for the development of food packaging machinery technology.





B100型 全自动托盘包装机




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风鼎机械是翻转机的主要制造商之一。根据不同的驱动方式,可以将倾斜装置分为液压翻车机和机械翻转机。液压倾斜器的功率是一个油泵,其强度稳定,可以在90度或180度范围内进行产品周转。所有的用户和机器都使用高质量的材料和部件。在液压倾斜前,我们将检查液压倾斜器的制造过程,并检查可能引起潜在安全问题的产品。液压倾斜机经CE ISO认证,能方便快捷地进入欧洲市场

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coil packing machine

Our Customer asked us a quotation for wrapping machines (PVC, PE, etc.) for coils of LRPC Strand and LRPC wire.
we would like to ask you an offer for the following types of wire wrapping machines:

Type 1 : strand
Øi = 800 mm
Øe up to 1.400 mm
W= 750 mm
Weight =< 5.000 kg
Axis = Horizontal

Type 2 : wire
Øi = Ø1.250 ÷ Ø2.000 mm
Øe = Ø1.800 ÷ Ø2.500 mm
W approx. 200 ÷ 300 mm
Weight =< 3.000 kg
Axis = Vertical

We remain at your disposal for any further information you will need.

From filling to packaging.

From filling to packaging. It’s a process.

What are the advantages of BEUMER group? In fact, the berman group is being chosen by more and more people today because of its many advantages. It can combine individual machines and systems with intelligent automation to improve efficiency, which is an important advantage of it.

Bottling, pallet packaging and packaging equipment from a single source can be supplied through the berman group. For example, what BEUMER filling system can do is flexibly integrate into the existing packaging production line. Meanwhile, do you see the bagging machine? It has a calibrated scale. This electronic weighing device also has an important role to ensure that the filler can achieve accurate filling. It is this special software that enables the weighing device to constantly communicate with the filling port. We can see that because of this weighing device, users can get the most benefit from their packaging line. Do you know why? There is no need to reject incorrect weight packages in the process.

The BEUMER fpc5 high-performance layer tray has been thoroughly improved by berman. The aim of the improvement is to be flexible, accurate, stably stacked paper, PE and PP bags on different sizes of pallets. From now on, this becomes more efficient. What are the reasons that users benefit? Accessibility improvements are why users benefit, and in the process you’ll find that installation times are shorter and more flexible. So the cost is going to be lower. At the same time, you can see that the tray can be fitted with a device that has a special flow behavior of the material in the bag, which is the rotary fixture or the double-band rotating device. These devices allow the material to stack slowly, quickly and accurately on a tray.

BEUMER’s customer support specialists have a lot of experience, and they can easily update existing palletizer with this solution. The robot has also been provided by the berman group, a space-saving fpc9 robot that provides a lot of help for people. It can efficiently and reliably complete complex tray and disassembly tasks.




Automatic Sorter system

It’s on the belt. Of course, we all know that if something on the belt is too far left or right, then the system can work, and the system can push it back to the middle. So the safe and reliable classification process can be ensured at any time. These are very important values and meanings.

Another member of the berman group is BEUMER and Danish firm Crisp ant a/s. It is also the world’s leading supplier of sorting and distribution equipment. You can see, in the trade fair, BEUMER to display its comprehensive professional knowledge will, automatic Sorter system has also been included, we can also take two examples, for example, double density the swashplate Sorter and fpc2 high-speed loop classifier. In general, these are used in postal and distribution centers around the world. At the same time, the devices can also ensure that goods are classified quickly and gently. At the same time, cross-belts and fpc3 sorters provide great help for users, and the high level of benefits is what they bring to the user.

You can see that in the field of high performance sorters, the new OptiDrive has been developed by the berman group. This is an efficient driving system that plays a very important role, and a very economical alternative to traditional asynchronous linear motors is also provided. The so-called double-action proportional contact pressure is its important feature. In both directions, the pressure is applied — the two directions are acceleration and braking. In this case, the pressure of the driving wheel can be adjusted automatically according to the required power. At this point, 85% efficiency has been increased, so we can see that the service life of the drive wheel has been greatly extended. At the same time, there is no doubt that the system is running successfully.


The sorting machine played an important role

The sorting machine played an important role. Fpc1 sorting machine has played an important role. With the development of economy, the emergence of fpc1 sorting machine has solved many problems for people. For the inside of every problem, there is a right solution.

CeMAT, on May 19, will be held in Hannover, there will appear some new solutions, a fpc1 separator can appear, you can see, the sorting machine is equipped with new modules and functions, so, the sorting machine drive system with more effective. At the same time, its efficiency has increased significantly. At the same time, there is a series of extensions and a completely redesigned hood. In general, these are custom solutions provided by in-house experts, all of which are responding to changing consumption patterns and e-commerce. And we all know that e-commerce is a major driver of growth.

If you are a visitor to the trade show, you will be able to see the 40-meter fpc2 tray. This machine plays an important role and why it solves a lot of problems. For this machine, the various modules and functions have been equipped by berman, and how it ADAPTS to the user’s personal needs is also well demonstrated. In fact, the manual input station is a good example of a low-cost way that people can load items onto the sorter. At the same time, you can see that a camera system consists of another module. When the product is loaded, the thing it can do is read the product’s barcode. In general, if a system does not recognize a barcode, it is obvious that it does not provide the product. There is also a tool that corrects errors in the sorting process, so the accuracy is greatly enhanced by this correction. Do you see a modified framework for testing products?



Generally speaking, the amount of material from space and storage is the recommended design result. At the same time, you can see, according to different application fields, the mixed bed of BEUMER design has many features, it can be used in extreme temperature environment, at the same time, this kind of mixed bed can also be used for very high entry transmission capacity, and the highest degree of homogeneity. In addition, the specific solution was provided by the berman group, which has robust, low-wear equipment. The device also has a low impact on the environment. Do you know why? Because during the operation, you can see that the noise and the dust are the smallest. At the same time, mixing beds can be set up both outdoors and indoors.

Compile and extract in layers.

The base of the mixed bed is the stacker and bridge scraper. Generally speaking, if the design is perfect, the best mixing effect can be obtained by the user. Bowman also provided the tracking device for efficiently and efficiently stacking a large number of materials. Finally, you can see that the increase is so reliable for inventory, so its cross-section can show as many of the contour materials as possible. What is the tracker? You know what? What does it do? The tracker can be a fixed or moving type, and of course, this changes depending on the requirements. Generally, in the case of round stock, the tracker will be mounted on the column, while in the longitudinal mixing bed mounted on the track. Under normal circumstances, people put the tracker designed to be fixed and can be used and the data of rotating fence, at the same time, the tracker of transmission capacity per hour is very high, it can be as high as 4000 tons. Do you know what conditions are required to choose the right system? Different factors can determine it, we can to give you an example, for example, the shape and size of the inventory, materials, throughput and the liquid can be decided to choose which a system.



What workers can do is separate them from the quarry

What workers can do is separate them from the quarry, and workers can squeeze them out with heavy tools. For wheel loaders and dump trucks, they can deliver raw materials to broken equipment. There, the rock needs to be squeezed, and in general, the rock will be crushed to roughly the size of the road gravel. These rocks have a long way to reach the cement plant, so the conveyor plays an important role. There are miles of fpc1 conveyor routes, which guarantee the safety of the rocks to the cement factory.

Consistency is what people want, and people need to make constant efforts to achieve it. In order to ensure the consistency of the quality, meanwhile, the producer can further process the material and finally get high-quality cement – then the fluctuation of the material characteristics should not happen. Therefore, the fpc2 conveyor has played an important role, which can transport the individual raw materials to the mixed bed. This is the important role of the conveyor. These storage location systems can also mix and homogenize the rocks.

Experts are working.

In nearly 80 years, BEUMER has been in constant efforts, in stone and stone quarrying, power plants, mining, ore and coal, and logistics industry (port and terminal) transmission technology, berman group are tailor a system solution for their hair. In addition, berman’s experts have broad expertise in mixed-bed and storage engineering. These are the advantages of berman, because they have these advantages, so berman can provide the most advanced delivery technology. In general, berman can provide a design by analyzing the structure of the storage tank and calculating the size. In the meantime, the mixed bed can be customized according to their requirements. Vertical or circular inventory design was also provided by the berman group. Do you know what the recommended design results are?




The stacker has played an important role.

The stacker has played an important role. What are the characteristics of a stacking machine? What role does it play in people’s work? At the same time, we all know that no matter what industry, we need to rely on laws.

In many industrial processes, the regularity of the raw materials used in the manufacture of products plays an important role. For example, the cement industry is a good example. We can take a look at that. How is this uniform consistency guaranteed? Generally speaking, if you want to ensure this uniform consistency, you can guarantee it by mixing beds in the yard. As we all know, the berman group is a system supplier. At the same time, berman group has developed a lot of equipment, which has played a big role in people’s life. Now the stacker and bridge spatula have been developed by the berman group, so what is the stacker and bridge scraper? In fact, they are the basic components of a mixed bed, and they also play an important role. This stacker can reliably stack materials, so the maximum mixing effect can be guaranteed. Therefore, for operators, it can homogenize a lot of different bulk materials efficiently and efficiently. At the same time, berman’s employees have been trained to complete the complete project of the mixed bed system.

We all know that houses, Bridges, tunnels, they’re all the same, why? Because cement is the material that connects everything together. However, there are many problems in the transportation process. For example, a bag of this material has a long way to go before it reaches the construction site. We can see that when raw materials are mined, the raw materials are then converted to cement plants, and at this point, they have passed many different stages. Limestone, clay and mudstone are the most important raw materials in cement production.


This is the causal relationship.

This is the causal relationship. Was this tray is equipped with double belt rotating device, because of the device, so the device can make the bags of bulk materials can be in the form of a mild, rapid and accurate stacked on pallets. BEUMER customer support can also simply upgrade the system with this solution if needed.

A new machine from the range of the BEUMER stretching mask will play a big role, which can effectively encapsulate palletized stacks. At the same time, people have redesigned the high-capacity packaging system comprehensively. During the development process, our experts analyzed and optimized various components. As you can see, its functionality has also been significantly enhanced, including the use of the soft touch panel to improve the machine control menu system. Optimized, ergonomic workplaces, and physical friendly transport on machines, thanks to innovative film transmission systems. Do you know what this result is? Higher system output can be guaranteed, and the availability of machines becomes stronger. This is all very significant progress and significance.

A warehouse management system was also developed by berman because of the emergence of the management system, so the key requirements of bulk materials were satisfied. We can cite an example, such as storage of sensitive materials, batch tracking, and warehouse management that saves space and cost effectiveness. You can see that WMS has an interface with all current ERP systems. At the same time, the integrated management is also carried out for the single-machine warehouse, material flow system and process control. This provides a good service for users, and a comprehensive overview of the production and warehouse operations is provided, and the likelihood of best adapting to the current requirements is met. At the exhibition, visitors will also be able to learn everything about BEUMER’s comprehensive customer support.




Have you seen this fpc3 conveyor?

Have you seen this fpc3 conveyor? Generally speaking, it is through the long negotiations over a long distance, and this kind of conveyor has a lot of differences in height, at the same time, this kind of conveyor can optimally adapt to the environment, these are the characteristics of this kind of conveyor, it proves that it can help people solve many problems. Generally speaking, the fpc2 conveyor can be installed seamlessly in the existing terrain by overlapping narrow horizontal and vertical curves.

The BEUMER group has a lot of advantages, and its efficient combination of a single device and a system with intelligent automation systems is one of its obvious advantages. As a system supplier, berman group provides padding, pallets and packaging technology from a single source. We can see that the new BEUMER fpc1 filling system is included, and this filling system can be flexibly integrated with existing packaging lines. Do you know what a weighing electronic device is? It is equipped with weighing equipment, so the BEUMER filling system can always be assured by the accuracy of the filling. Special software also plays an important role. This special software can support the permanent communication between the weighing unit and the filling port. Therefore, what users can do is to optimize their packaging line, because what we no longer need to do is to remove the incorrect weight from the process.

To paper, PE and PP bags in different size of the tray, in a flexible, accurate, stable and a more efficient way is our purpose, in order to achieve this purpose, the internal supplier did a lot of effort. The internal supplier provides a high volume tray for BEUMER and, as you can see, the recently high-volume tray has been completely revised to improve efficiency. The user benefits can be attributed to accessibility improvements, in which you can see several obvious changes. The first change is that the assembly cycle is shorter. The second change is that it will be more flexible, so the costs will be lower.



Conveying system solutions

Conveying system solutions. This solution can solve many problems. At the same time, berman’s system solutions include transportation system solutions, loading system solutions, stacking system solutions, pallet system solutions, and so on. These system solutions provide great help for people’s work. So, it’s very important. We can take a look at that, because now the world is a big believer in the berman group.

In 2014, at the SyMAS international trade fair, this is an international trade fair that handles, stores and transports bulk materials and powders. BEUMER Group, which is a very famous Group, a lot of people know about this Group. Why is that? Because it’s a provider that can solve problems for others and provide solutions, the group can also demonstrate its bottling, pallets and packaging technologies. These technologies solve a lot of problems for people. At the same time, the transport and warehouse management system solutions can also be provided by them, thus the position of the berman group is very high. At the same time, all the support you want is supported by BEUMER’s integrated customer support team. So, if you have any problems, here’s a good help for you. So the berman group solution can help people solve a lot of problems.

The delivery system is designed, constructed, and installed by the BEUMER Group, while the filling, pallets and packaging systems are also completed by the berman Group. According to the requirements of customers, these systems can tailor some systems and solutions to customers according to specific requirements, so this solves a lot of problems for people. A cost-effective and sustainable solution is this fpc1 conveyor. This kind of conveyor has distinctive features, and they also play a huge role. The berman group is also able to negotiate curves, and they can also design an open fpc2 conveyor or a closed fpc3 conveyor.


The tray can be equipped with some devices

The tray can be equipped with some devices, such as double belt rotating device, the device can make the bags of bulk materials in the tray has been in the form of a mild, rapid and accurate stacked on pallets. If needed, simply using this solution upgrade system is also something that berman’s customer supports.

BEUMER robot was also provided by the berman group, which is a fully automated fpc1 robot that helps people solve a lot of problems. For example, the robot can reliably perform complex pallets and depalletising tasks reliably and efficiently. Do you see this new machine from the range of the BEUMER stretching mask? This new machine can effectively encapsulate palletized stack. At the same time, the system has been completely redesigned for high volume packaging system. In its development, BEUMER experts have analyzed and optimized various components. Because of this analysis and optimization, berman’s system has developed better.

In Russia, we can see that demand for sortation and distribution systems is also rising, especially in the CEP market, which is becoming more demanding. Here, we all know that e-commerce plays an important role. For this kind of demand, the system of B in its portfolio, berman can be equipped with different modules and functions. This is a very important thing. In addition, the BEUMER Group’s O provides a technology that is a highly efficient, compulsive locking drive technology that can be used for high-performance sorters. Both of these operations are known to be effective during acceleration and braking. At the same time, generally speaking, for the contact pressure of the driving wheel, it is automatically set, and the required driving power determines it. This also brings great benefits, with 85% efficiency being improved. Therefore, this can effectively reduce costs and improve efficiency.

At the show, all the customer support for BEUMER can be understood. Intensive customer service, flexible service agreements, personal modernization, efficient spare parts supply, extensive user training and accommodation services are included.